Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vector Design Mix

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Grunge textures design pack with lots of graphic elements to start your digital art projects: dots, circles, abstract shapes, stars, arrows, pointers, basketball shoe, women silhouettes and starburst effects. Add a grunge feel to your vector illustrations, web and print projects with this cool vector art set.
Vector pack by Vixent for
License: CC 3.0 Attribution

Better World Vector

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Dreaming of a better world vector art theme with person silhouette sitting on a cloud, dotted world map, globe icon, smiley emoticon, swirls and star shapes. Beautiful design footage for your peace, tolerance and unity designs. Make the world a better place and spread this message of hope.
Global love vector by DB for
License: CC 3.0 Attribution

Circles Vector Design

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Magic Illustrator vector art composition with starburst explosion and decorative elements as colorful circles, little light dots and star shapes. Vector graphics are something magical. You can change the colors of your design with a few clicks and blow up your image to any size.
Magical backdrop by
License: CC 3.0 Attribution

Vector Flames

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Tribal flames vector graphics for your tattoo, heat and fire designs. Vinyl ready flame designs, great for arm or leg tattoos motorbikes, cars stickers or t-shirt decals. Ready to cut Illustrator artworks for your power, passion, speed, fireball, explosion, bonfire and blaze graphics.
Fire graphics by
License: CC 3.0 Attribution
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