Saturday, December 26, 2009

3D 2010 Wallpaper Calendars

This is not a photoshop brush set or a tutorial. This a 2010 calendar set with cool 3d design. I just want to share this to you! Advance Happy New Year!

3d 2010 Wallpaper Calendars

Author: Flash Screen

Free printable 3D Design calendar wallpapers for 2010.
The process of creating 3D computer graphics can be sequentially divided into three basic phases: 3D modeling which describes the process of forming the shape of an object, layout and animation which describes the motion and placement of objects within a scene, and 3D rendering which produces an image of an object. There are a multitude of websites designed to help educate and support 3D graphic artists. Some are managed by software developers and content providers, but there are standalone sites as well (such as Renderosity). These communities allow for members to seek advice, post tutorials, provide product reviews or post examples of their own work.


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